Add/Update Sales Rep Email Address

Add/Update Sales Rep Email Address

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About Adding/Updating Sales Rep Email Addresses

A sales rep email address can be added or updated in the Project Admin Center or Client Admin Center. Once a new email address has been added, it must be authorized in Lasso to complete the process. The user will receive an email requesting that they click on the link to Activate Email. Please note that Lasso Support can also authorize a new email address internally. If the user clicks on the link in the authorization email and it brings up an error message, it means the address has already been authorized. Please bring any concerns with authorization to Lasso Support.

Once the new email has been added and activated, the sales rep should set the address as their default in Preferences so that it will appear in the From field in all of the rep's outgoing emails to registrants. As well, the appointment calendar invite sent to assigned sales reps automatically goes to the email set as the Preferences default.

Add/Update Sales Rep Email Address in Project Admin Center

1 - In the Project Admin Center, click  Project Setup and select Sales Reps.


2 - On the Sales Reps tab, select the sales rep and enter the project email address in the New email field under Sales Rep Details.

3 - Click Save.


Add/Update Sales Rep Email Address in Client Admin Center

Option 1: Add/update sales rep email address with automatic authorization

1 - In the Client Admin Center, click Users and select Manage Permissions.


2 - Double-click in the New Email Address (Sales Only) cell beside the appropriate name(s) and add a new email address.


3 - Select the projects you want the sales rep assigned to.

4 - Select a Permission Preset. You can select only one Permission Preset. (Permission Presets can include a combination of any of the three Roles of Client Administrator, Inventory, or Sales.)

5 - Click Apply Selected in the bottom right corner.


6 - Click Save.

7 - Click Save again in the Save Changes window that pops up.

Note: Notice that under Email authorization, Automatically authorize email is checked by default.


Option 2: Add/update sales rep email address with manual authorization

1 - In the Client Admin Center, click Users and select Manage Roles.

2 - In the New email column, click into the cell beside the sales rep’s current Email and enter their new email address.

3 - Click Save.


The sales rep will receive the following email to the new address (if Lasso has not already authorized the email internally). They will need to click on the Activate Email link to authorize the email.