Stop and Clear Activities via Sales Process

Stop and Clear Activities via Sales Process

Use a Stop and Clear Sales Process when you want to stop all automatically generated sales activities for a registrant and clear any existing activities.

1 – In the Project Admin Center, click Project Setup and select Sales Process.


2 – Click Add Process.

3 – In the Sales Process panel on the right, enter a Name for the stop and clear sales process, e.g. Stop and Clear.

4 – In the Registrant Status field, select Normal and Purchaser.

5 – In the Trigger Type field, select Registrant Rating.

6 – In the Registrant Rating field, select Not Interested, or whichever rating you choose to stop and clear activities.

7 – Check the boxes to the right of On Insert and On Update.

8 – Enter Notes if needed.

9 – Under Activity 1, click Delete.


The Activity 1 section will disappear.


Note: When this Stop and Clear Sales Process is implemented, selecting the Not Interested rating (or applicable rating) for a registrant will result in all existing activities being removed from the registrant’s profile.