Add Website Tracking in EX2’s Contour Form (BDX/WebArchitect)

Add Website Tracking in EX2’s Contour Form (BDX/WebArchitect)

To insert website tracking in EX2’s Contour Form, script as described below can be added to the site’s global footer section.

1 - Add hidden fields for:

  • domainAccountId
  • guid


2 - Save the form and preview it.

3 - Right-click on the form and select View Source.

4 - Locate the guid.

5 - Copy the guid’s input name as specified by Contour Form:


6 - Between the brackets beside LassoCRM.tracker.patchRegistrationForms, insert the guid input name in single quotes.

Example script (X would be replaced with values):

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var LassoCRM = LassoCRM || {};
ns.tracker = new LassoAnalytics('LAS-XXXXXX-XX');
try {
LassoCRM.tracker.init(); // initializes the tracker
LassoCRM.tracker.track(); // track() records the page visit with the current page title, to record multiple visits call repeatedly.
} catch(error) {}