Is It Time to Grow Your Online Sales Team? (July 2017)


Great Online Sales Counselors are worth their weight in gold to home builders. OSCs juggle hundreds of leads per month and can contribute up to a third or more of total company sales. A successful online sales program grows quickly, and can become more than what one person (no matter how good!) can handle.

How do you know when it’s time to add another OSC to the team? Is it dictated by lead volume? Workload? If it is time to grow your team, what’s the best approach?

In this live panel discussion moderated by Lasso CRM’s Sara Williams, three of the new industry’s top OSC team leaders will discuss their experiences with starting and growing an OSC team. Panelists are: Anna Hoffpauir with CBH Homes, Cori Masters with Royal Oaks Homes, and Doug Whitford with M/I Homes. They’ll discuss: 

  • The reason for expanding from a single OSC to a team
  • The OSC hiring process
  • The most important skills for an OSC team environment
  • Compensation structure
  • And much more!

Download the audio recording here.