Create Email Template - Basic Editor

Create Email Template - Basic Editor

Note: Templates must reside in folders. Be sure to first add the folder for the template if it doesn't exist.

Use the Basic Editor if you are familiar with WYSIWYG and want to create an email template from scratch.

To view the instruction video, click here.

1 – Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.

2 – Click Marketing and select Templates.


This takes you to the Manage templates page.

3 – Click Create templates.


4 – Select Basic Editor.


5 – Enter a Template Name in the space provided.

6 – Select the folder where the template should reside.

7 – Click Create & Edit Template


8 – Enter a Subject for the email.

9 – Enter the content as desired.

Note: Use the toolbar functions to format text and background as well as insert links, tables, images, and Lasso tokens. The first row of the toolbar contains menu items with selectable options in dropdowns. On the second row of the toobar are shortcut buttons for those options. Mouse over each button for a description of its function.


10 – Click Save Template.


11 – Click the back arrow.


12 – Click the back arrow again.


The new template will be listed in the selected folder.