About Manage Templates

About Manage Templates

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Managing your email templates is easy in Lasso. You can quickly search for specific templates, share them with your team, and even copy or move them from one folder and/or project to another. You can even archive templates that you no longer use but don’t want to remove. 

Lasso’s Email Template Editor gives you the ability to create professional-looking emails without the need for a graphic designer or web developer. With our Design Editor, you can drag and drop blocks for images, texts, or buttons to build your emails. You can also add styling and background colors to give your emails the right look for your brand, while still making sure they can be viewed on smartphones and tablets.

To access the Manage Templates page, click on the Marketing tab in the Sales Center Sales Center and select the Templates option. From the Manage templates page, access the Create templates and Specialized templates areas.


Lasso’s Email Template Editor includes the ability to:

1) Manage templates and folders:

  • Copy or move templates from one folder to another, and from one project to another
  • Archive templates and folders that you no longer need to access
  • Share templates with your team

2) Create templates using the following options:

  • Design Editor – Select design components (content blocks) and build a simple template with images and content. You just need to have your images sized and ready to insert, along with your copy. The formatting is done for you.
  • Basic Editor – Use this editor if you want to create emails that are more text-based (e.g. sales process/followup process emails) or for the design expert who wants to create more advanced emails providing more flexibility with styles, colors, tables, and overall design.
  • Paste HTML – Create your emails using HTML code. This option is ideal when you have a designer creating the HTML for you and they provide you with the code.
  • Existing Template – Use an existing template, copy it, and update with new content.
  • Library – Use a prebuilt template from the Lasso Library.

3) Create Specialized Templates such as Opt-In and Opt-Out as well as Landing and Thank You pages.