A Disciplined Approach to Sales (September 2017)


Studies have shown that sports-minded people are successful in sales. Whether it’s coachability, passion, discipline or the thrill of victory, athletes have a make-up that we can learn from. But how do we get there? 

In this 30-minute live webinar, former Olympic Marathoner, Dylan Wykes, and Lasso’s VP of Sales, Dave Betcher, will discuss a more disciplined approach to sales: what we can learn from sports training and how it applies to business. 

Dylan is a world-class athlete who has competed against the best. He is currently the 2nd fastest marathoner on the Canadian all-time list, and competed in the 2012 London Olympic Games. He is known for running a ‘smart’ race. His disciplined approach to training, passion and relentless spirit continue to guide him to success. 

Dave is an avid runner, having completed countless half marathons and three full marathons. He is a member of the Mile2Marathon Running Club, led by Dylan. An accomplished sales professional, Dave has presented the benefits and best practices of new home sales technology around the world.

In this webinar, learn what a professional runner does to prepare for a race and how that relates to business and sales.  We’ll delve into five important attributes that sales professionals can incorporate: 

  1. The importance of a coach: there’s a reason why people hire personal trainers to help them at the gym. A coach keeps us accountable and on track when it’s tempting to veer off-track.
  2. Visualize Success: the thrill of the game/victory
  3. Habit forming: Developing self-discipline
  4. The importance of balance: It’s not about massive changes, but rather consistent effort.
  5. Maximizing what we’ve been given: Natural talent vs Hard work, environment and equipment.

Download the recording here.