Sales Center - Online Sales Counselor (OSC) Appointment Process (recommended)

Sales Center - Online Sales Counselor (OSC) Appointment Process (recommended)

The following is Lasso’s recommended approach for creating and completing appointments between your OSC project and onsite projects. This process assumes that an OSC is responsible for creating the initial contact with a new lead in the OSC project. The OSC is then tasked with confirming an appointment with the lead and assigning that lead to an onsite sales rep who completes the appointment in the onsite project.


Note: To use this process, appointments and history must be shared across projects. Please refer to About Project Data Shares.


OSC assigns lead to onsite project and creates appointment in OSC project

1 – In the OSC Sales Center, open the registrant profile of the person you want to create the appointment for.


2 – Click Actions and select Project.


3 – Under Associate to project, select the onsite project and the sales rep you are assigning the registrant to.

4 – Click Associate to project.


5 – Refresh the page and note that the onsite project is now listed in the Projects section of the registrant profile.

Note: The project you are logged into is highlighted.

osc4.gif 6 – In the registrant profile, in the OSC project, click Actions and select Appointment.


7 – Enter the Subject, Location, Start Date/Time and End Date/Time, and Details of the appointment.

8 – Click Create appointment.


The appointment will be displayed in the Appointments panel of the profile.


The appointment will also be displayed on the OSC Sales Center Home Page.


 9 – Send notification of the appointment to the onsite rep and registrant via calendar invite.


Onsite sale rep completes appointment in onsite project

1 –  In the onsite project, search for the registrant and open their profile.


2 –  Click on the appointment.

Note: The arrow arrow.gif indicates the appointment was created in a different project.


3 – Mark the appointment as Completed, Cancelled, or No Show and click Update appointment.


The appointment will move to the History panel of the registrant profile in the onsite project.



Registrant Profile in OSC project following completion of appointment

In the OSC project, the appointment in the History panel will display the initials of the sales rep that completed the appointment as well as the initial of the project it was completed in. The arrow arrow.gifbeside the appointment indicates that it was completed in another project.




In the OSC project, the appointment will show in the Sales Rep Appointment Summary along with the OSC that created it.

Sales Rep Appointment Summary in OSC project


In the onsite project, the completed appointment along with the sales rep that completed it will appear in the Registrant History Report.

Registrant History Report in onsite project

: The Sales Rep Appointment Summary in the onsite project will not show the appointment. The Registrant History Report in the OSC project will not show the completed appointment.