Specialized Email Templates - Assign Email Template - Opt-In (Default)

Specialized Email Templates - Assign Email Template - Opt-In (Default)

The default opt-in template is automatically sent to registrants who sign up online. Only one opt-in default template can be assigned per project.

If you would like to create other opt-in templates for custom lists of registrants based on specific criteria, please refer to Assign Email Template - Opt-In (Mass Mail).

Note: You must create a template before you can assign it as an Email Template - Opt-In, and it must contain the Opt-In Link Token (##optInLink##). As well, the Opt-In Link requires a From Name and a From Email.

Please refer to:

1 – Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.

2 – Click Marketing and select Templates.


This takes you to the Manage templates page.

3 – Click Specialized templates.


4 – Click on the plus.gif  beside Email Template - Opt-In (Default).


5 – Click into the Search templates box and start typing letters/words contained in the name or subject of the template you are searching for.

6 – Check the box beside the template you want to assign and click Confirm


The selected template will be listed in the Email Template – Opt-In (Default) panel.

 Note: If you select a template that is already assigned to another panel, the template will be unassigned from the original panel and assigned to the new panel.


If the template you want to assign does not have the required Opt-In Link Token (##optInLink##), and/or the Opt-In Link does not include a From Name or From Email, you will see error.gif beside the template name and the template will not be assigned. Click error.gif to see the error(s). Then go back to the template, add the required token and/or other missing items, and assign again.