About View on Email Template Toolbar

About View on Email Template Toolbar

The View button on the Email Template toolbar provides you with the following options when viewing your email template:

  • Visual aids - Select whether you would like to see gridlines when editing your template.
  • Fullscreen – View your template in fullscreen mode.
  • Preview – View your template as it will look in an email to a recipient.


If the Visual aids option is checked, you will see gridlines around the blocks or tables in your template. If it is unchecked, the gridlines will not be displayed.

Visual Aids checked


Visual Aids unchecked


The Fullscreen mode will hide the top-of-page menu and tab bars as well as the Name and Subject fields, allowing you to focus on the content of your template. This option is also accessible by clicking Fullscreen Editor (Recommended) in the top right of the template.

Click Exit Fullscreen to return to the previous window.


The Preview option will show you what your template will look like to the recipient. Note that the email will render differently in different browsers.