Update/Edit Emailed Report Details

Update/Edit Emailed Report Details

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center .

2 - Click on Reports.

3 - Click on Report Scheduler in the dropdown.

4 - Click on the name of the Report Schedule that you want to edit. This will bring up the details in the panel on the right.

5 - To change the Job Name cell, click in it and edit as desired. 
6 - To change the Subject, click in it and edit as desired. 
7 - To change the Schedule Type, click on the dropdown and select the frequency you want, along with the timing required.

Note: The report contains data for a 7-day period ending the day before the report is sent. For example, if you schedule a report to be emailed daily and the recipient receives it on June 26, it will show data for June 19-25. When the recipient receives it again on June 27, it will show data from June 20-26.

8 - To change the Recipients, edit or remove Users or additional email addresses as required. 
9 - If applicable, to change the Report Parameters, check and uncheck the boxes as required. 
10 - Click Save.