About Project Data Shares

About Project Data Shares

By default, when a client has multiple projects on the Lasso system, all Registrant data across projects can be shared. This means that if a Registrant is on multiple projects, when the Registrant Profile is viewed in one project, associated data from other projects can be viewed in the profile. Shared Registrant data can include:

  • Appointments
  • Assigned Inventory
  • Assigned Projects
  • Associate
  • Audits
  • History
  • Mass Mail Statistics
  • Notes
  • Relationships
  • Reservations
  • Tenanted Inventory

For example, a Registrant is associated to Project A and Project B. Sales Rep A on Project A sends a mass mail to the Registrant. When History data is shared, Sales Rep B on Project B views the Registrant’s profile and can see that a mass mail was sent for Project A.

If an Administrator does not want to share data between projects, the Project Data Shares functionality in the Client Admin Center allows the Administrator to select which data can be shared and on what projects.

Please Note
When an Administrator enables Project Data Sharing, they are activating the functionality that allows them to select which data they wish to share or not to share. When Project Data Sharing is disabled, it reverts back to the default where all project data is shared across all projects.

To Access Project Data Shares:

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center.
2 - Click on Settings
3 - Click on Project Data Shares in the dropdown.

Note: You must have a Client Administrator Role and Project Data Sharing Permissions to access this area.