Manage Duplicates in Client Admin Center

Manage Duplicates in Client Admin Center

When duplicate Registrants are merged in the Client Admin Center, the following applies:

  • Email, phone, and address information from all profiles in a set of duplicates are retained.
  • History and Notes from all profiles in a set of duplicates are retained.
  • For duplicate registrants in the same project, the earliest Registration Date is retained, and the most recent data entries for fields such as Source, Secondary Source, Rating, Questions, and Custom Fields override older entries. The exception to this is if any of the registrants in the same project have a rating of Purchaser. If this is the case, the merged registrant will have a rating of Purchaser, regardless of whether it is the most recent rating or not.
  • Personal ID and Registrant ID from the profile with the earliest Registration Date are retained. 
  • For duplicate registrants in different projects, the earliest Registration Date in each project is retained. The Personal ID for the registrant with the earliest Registration Date becomes the Personal ID for that registrant's profiles in all associated projects. The Registrant ID remains the same for the profile with the earliest Registration Date. The other profiles receive new Registrant IDs. 
  • If there are different sales reps assigned to profiles in a set of duplicates, all sales reps in their respective projects will be assigned to the merged profile.

To merge duplicates on a one-by-one basis where you can view and select the registrant details you want to merge, please see Manage Duplicate Registrants in Sales Center.

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center .

2 - Click on Settings
3 - Click on Registrants in the dropdown.

4 - Click on Manage Duplicates.

5 - A window pops up asking you to select the criteria on which you'd like to base the merge of duplicate Registrants. The system automatically selects First Name and Last Name so these are greyed out. Check one of the options of Address, Email, or Phone.

Note: It is recommended to go through the merge process three times, selecting a different criteria each time.

6 - Below the criteria in the popup window is a button called Analyze Matches which provides you with the number of duplicates that there are across all projects based on your selected criteria. Click this only if you want to view the number of duplicates. Otherwise, proceed to the next step of merging the duplicates.

Note: The system checks all  addresses, emails, and phones for matches, i.e. multiple addresses, emails, and phone per Registrant.

7 - Once your criteria are selected and you are ready to merge the duplicates, click on Merge Duplicates.

8 - You will be asked if you want to begin the registrant duplicate merge. Click Yes.

9 - When the merge is complete, you'll receive an email notification in your Lasso Inbox.

10 - Go through the merge process for each of the criteria - Address, Email, and Phone.