Add Activity Type

Add Activity Type

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center.

2 - Click on Settings

3 - Click on Registrant in the dropdown.

4 - Click on the Activity Types tab.

5 - Click on Add Activity Type.

6 - Under the Activity Type section to the right, enter the Activity Type in the space provided. The red line around the Activity Type field indicates that this field is required. 

7 - Leave Disabled with the default of No. If you change this to Yes, the Activity Type will be hidden from a Project Administrator when creating a Sales Process. 

8 - If you wish to enter a Description for the Activity Type, enter in the space provided. 

9 - Check the appropriate boxes under History Types to associate them to the Activity Type. This is a necessary step in the process as it identifies which History Type will be viewable in the dropdown list when a User is completing the Activity.

10 - Click Save.

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