About Registrant Settings in Client Admin Center

About Registrant Settings in Client Admin Center

Registrant Settings in the Client Admin Center help a Lasso User to define and classify Registrants based on the following:

  • History Types – Forms of communication occurring with the Registrant, e.g. Phone, Email, Appointment, Visit, Mass Mail
  • Name Title Types – Titles of Registrants, e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr
  • Rating Types – Potential of Registrant to purchase, e.g. Hot, Warm, Cold
  • Relationship Types – Relationship of Registrant to other Registrants in the database, e.g. Parent, Spouse, Business Partner
  • Source Types – How initial contact with Registrant was made, e.g. Online Registration, Event, Walk-in, Email
  • Activity Types – Sales Rep action items that can be scheduled with Registrants, e.g. Phone, Email (works in conjunction with History and Sales Process)

To Access Registrant Settings in Client Admin Center:

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center.

2 - Click on Settings

3 - Click on Registrant in the dropdown.

Note: You must have a Client Administrator Role and Registrants Settings Permissions to access this area.