Client Admin Center - Settings - Registrant Settings

Client Admin Center - Settings - Registrant Settings

About Registrant Settings in Client Admin Center

The Registrant menu item under Settings in the Client Admin Center allow an Administrator to define and classify registrants based on the following:

  • History Types – Forms of communication occurring with the registrant, e.g. Phone, Email, Appointment, Visit, Mass Mail
  • Name Title Types – Titles of registrants, e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr
  • Rating Types – Potential of registrant to purchase, e.g. Hot, Warm, Cold
  • Relationship Types – Relationship of registrant to other registrants in the database, e.g. Parent, Spouse, Business Partner
  • Source Types – How initial contact with registrant was made, e.g. Online Registration, Event, Walk-in, Email
  • Activity Types – Sales rep action items that can be scheduled with registrants, e.g. Phone, Email (works in conjunction with History and Sales Process)

To manage Registrant Settings:

In the Client Admin Center, click Settings and select Registrant.