About Source Types

About Source Types

Source Types are used to track the origin of a Registrant in your project database. This is a mandatory field entry in Lasso. Source Types are often used in conjunction with Questions to define how a Registrant first came to know of a project. An example of a Source Type would be Call-In. This indicates that the Registrant made a phone inquiry regarding the project. If the Registrant discovered the project by seeing an ad in the newspaper, the answer to the “How did you hear about us?” question would be “Newspaper”.

Source Types are divided into two sections – Client’s Settings and Default Settings. Source Types in the Client’s Settings are those that have been created by the Administrator in the Client Admin Center . These additional Source Types are visible on all projects for Users. It is best to keep the number of Source Types to a minimum and use Questions to provide greater detail.

The following Source Types are defaults in Lasso:

  • Call In - used when a Registrant makes initial contact via an incoming phone call.
  • Call Out - used when initial contact is made with a Registrant via an outgoing phone call.
  • Online Registration - used as the default for all online registrations via the project website.
  • Outside Realtor Transfer - used when an Outside Realtor is transferred to the Registrant database from within Lasso.
  • Walk In - used when a Registrant makes initial contact by walking in to the project presentation center unsolicited.

Source Types can be hidden from the Source Type dropdown in the Sales Center Sales Center by disabling them if you do not want Lasso Users to be able to select them. The disabled Source Types will no longer be visible to your Users when adding or editing Registrants but you will be able to see them when generating Custom Lists.

To Access Source Types:

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center.
2 - Click on Settings
3 - Click on Registrant in the dropdown.

Registrant Settings

4 - Click on the Source Types tab.


Note: You must have a Client Administrator Role and Registrants Settings Permissions to access this area.

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