About Custom Fields and Business Rules

About Custom Fields and Business Rules

Custom Fields, created in the Client Admin Centercan be applied to Projects via Business Rules, and allow an Administrator to customize Registrant, Inventory, Sales Rep, and Project details according to individual business needs, ensuring that crucial data is not missed. Business Rules also allow you to make existing and custom fields Required. Custom Fields that are created and applied to a project will be viewable in the Edit screen of the Inventory Overview or Registrant Profile, or the Sales Rep or Project Details page in the Project Admin Center, depending on which area the fields have been assigned to.

Required Fields: Business Rules allows you to select from a list of Registrant and Inventory fields that you would like your Users to be required to complete before the information can be saved. Required Fields must also be entered when doing an Inventory or Registrant import.

Custom Fields: Custom Fields can be created that can then be used on Registrant, and/or Inventory profiles, or added to Sales Rep or Project information. Custom Field Types offer the following options: Text Field (maximum 255 characters), Number Field (maximum 15 characters) Date, Date/Time, Radio Button, Check Box, Select List, and Multi-Select List. Once Custom Fields are created, they must be added in Business Rule Sets.

Business Rules are created in Lasso by adding Business Rule Sets. A Business Rule Set can include both Required and Custom Fields but note that custom fields need to be created prior to including them in a Business Rule Set. Business Rules Sets can be assigned to select or all projects but only one set can be assigned per project.

To Access Business Rules:

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center .
2 - Click on System
3 - Click on Business Rules in the dropdown.

System Settings

Note: You must have a Client Administrator Role and Business Rules Permissions to access this area.

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