Create Activity From Registrant Profile

Create Activity from Registrant Profile

1 - In the registrant profile, click Actions and select Activity.


2 - In the Create Activity window, click on the dropdown in the Type field and select an activity.

3 - If you select an Activity other than Email, skip to the next step. If you select Email as the Activity Type, an Email Template field will appear. In the dropdown, select the email template that you want to send.

Note: You can preview the email template by clicking on Preview beside the dropdown.

4 - Select the Date that you want to schedule the activity for.

5 - In the Comments section, add any notes you want to include about the activity.

6 - Click on Create Activity.

The newly created activity will appear in the Activities section of the registrant profile, which is divided into activities that are Overdue, Today, Upcoming, and Completed. If you left the date as the default, which is the current date, the activity will appear in the Today section. If you scheduled the activity for the future, it will show in the Upcoming section. To expand or collapse the details of a section, just click on the name of the section.

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Note: When you add an activity, the number in the category heading temporarily shows as orange to indicate the change.