Override Realtor Commission

Override Realtor Commission

Note: Overriding a realtor commission will remove any existing commission for the selected realtor and unit.

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.

2 – If applicable, click on the Component tab of the Unit you want to access. 

3 – There are two ways to access the Commission Overrides page from the Inventory Center Home Page:

a) With your mouse, hover over Outside Realtor to Commissions to Overrides and click on Add Override.

b) Click on Overrides and then click on Add Override.  

6 – Beside Outside Realtors, select a Realtor from the dropdown.

7 – Beside Inventory, select an Inventory Unit from the dropdown.

8 – Select the dollar Amount or Percentage of the Override.

9 – Enter a Reason for the Override in the space provided.

10 – Select an Override Date if different from the current one.

Note: Saving the override will remove existing commission for the selected realtor and unit.

11 – Click Save.

The Override will be listed on the Commission Overrides page.

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