Add Sales Rep Bonus

Add Sales Rep Bonus

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.

2 – If applicable, click on the Component tab of the Unit you want to access. 

3 – There are two ways to access the Bonuses page from the Inventory Center Home Page:

a) With your mouse, hover over Sales Rep to Financial to Bonuses and click on Add Bonus.

b) Click on Bonuses and then click on Add Bonus.  

4 – Beside Sales Rep, select the name of the Sales Rep from the dropdown. 

5 – Beside Inventory, select the Inventory Unit.

6 – In the Amount space, enter the dollar amount of the Bonus.

7 – Select the Date Given.

8 – In the Reason space, enter a reason for giving the Bonus.

9 – Click Save.

The Sales Rep Bonus will be added to the Bonuses list.

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