About Inventory Center Reports

About Inventory Center Reports

Lasso has several standard Inventory Center Inventory Center reports. Specific report permissions are needed to access each one. (Refer to information about Managing Users to learn more about user permissions.)

The reports can be exported to Excel and printed to PDF. They can also be customized by reordering columns or removing columns that are not relevant for your specific business needs. (Refer to Personalize Columns in Reports in Lasso's Help Files for information on personalizing columns.)

If you have special reporting needs that are not covered by the standard reports, we would be happy to discuss custom report development with you. Please contact the Support Desk at 1.855.400.4564 or, or contact your Client Director for more information.

1 - Sales Rep Commission Summary – Sales rep commissions details, including inventory status, total commissions earned, commissions payable, commissions paid, tracking of check numbers, and commission outstanding
2 - Component Summary – Snapshot of revenue, discounts, commissions and deal activity for a component of the project
3 - Deal Activity – Firm and Closed deal information for the project including purchaser, total sales and extras revenue, contract, and completion dates for each unit
4 - Escrow – Escrow tracking including initial price, revisions, revenue amounts, escrow companies and lenders, and all associated details
5 - Inventory Cancellations – Information regarding cancelled deals, source type, secondary source type, date and reason for cancellation
6 - Inventory Contract Amendments – Details on amendments made to contracts, including the amendment number, the date, and the date it was received by the purchaser 7 - Inventory Deposits (Details) – Details on deposits including due dates, contract dates, purchasers, received deposits, overdue deposits, and account information
8 - Inventory Deposits (Summary) – Summary of deposits including sale price, net revenue, purchaser information, anticipated completion date, deposit amounts and percentages, last amounts received and next amounts due, as well as overdue amounts
9 - Inventory Expense Details – Expenses related to individual inventory, including internal commissions, outside realtor commissions, referral fees, and legal fees
10 - Inventory Lockers – Information on lockers per unit, additional lockers purchased, and description
11 - Inventory Parking – information on parking stalls per unit, additional stalls purchased, and description
12 - Inventory Premiums – Details on premiums for each unit including premium description, date, and amount as well as contract status
13 - Inventory Price Revisions – Summary of historical price revisions for each unit
14 - Inventory Revenue – Revenue information including inventory status, inventory size (sq. ft.), purchase revenue, and unsold revenue
15 - Inventory Sales Projections – Analysis of projected sales versus actual
16 - Non Realtor Referrals – Information on registrant referrals and referral amounts paid
17 - Outside Realtor Payment Schedule – Outside Realtors/Brokers payment information including associated Inventory, commissions earned, and bonuses earned
18 - Options and Upgrades – Details of options and upgrades for individual units of inventory including price, cost, parts, and model information
19 - Price Sheet – Price list of available inventory, total price revisions to date, and current sale price
20 - Prospect Purchaser Analysis – Statistics for the “How Heard” question and associated answers broken down by Prospects versus Purchasers along with a conversion rate
21 - Purchaser List – List of purchasers and their basic information as well as contract and completion dates
22 - Reassigned Deals – Comparative details on reassigned inventory
23 - Registrant Reservations – Details on reservations including selection number, reservation number, associated inventory (if applicable), priority, and status
24 - Sales Report – Details of individual inventory including sale price, price per square foot, discounts, premiums, revenue amounts, purchasers, contract status and dates, deposit information, and associated sales reps and outside realtors
25 - Subject Deal Activity – Information on all units that have subjects/contingencies and when the subjects are to be removed
26 - Suite Summary – Details of individual inventory including sale price, contract status and dates, purchasers, options and upgrades, and storage information, as well as square footage, plan types, color schemes, maintenance and legal fees, and associated sales reps and outside realtors
27 - Suppliers - Supplier information related to options and upgrades for each unit   

To Access Inventory Center Reports:

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.
2 – With your mouse, hover over Reports and then List in the top row of menu items.
3 – Click on the report that you want to view.

Note: In order to view a report, you must have the associated report permission.