Add Plan Type to Project

Add Plan Type to Project

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.
2 – You can access the Add Plan page in two ways:

a) If you want to view the existing list of Plans prior to adding new ones, hover over Project Settings and select Plan in the dropdown.

From here, click on New Plan to add a single plan or Add Multiple Plans to add multiple Plans at one time.

b) If you want to skip viewing the list, hover over Project Settings, then Plan in the dropdown, and select Add Plan. (You will be able to add only a single Plan at one time if you choose this option.)

To add a single Plan Type:

1 – Enter the name of the Plan beside Plan Type.
2 – Enter a Plan Price if appropriate.
3 – If you want to upload the Floor Plan, browse for the file in the space beside Plan Type File and select it.

Note: You may upload a Floor Plan at a later date if you choose. Please refer to Upload Floor Plan.

4 – Click Save.

To add multiple Plan Types at one time:

1 – After selecting Add Multiple Plans, enter the names of the Plan Types under Plan(s).
2 – If desired, enter associated Plan Prices under Price(s).

Note: You will not be able to upload Floor Plans with the Add Multiple Plans function.

The newly added Plan Type(s) will show in the Plans list.

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