About Uploaded Contracts

About Uploaded Contracts

Contracts in PDF format can be uploaded to the Inventory Center Inventory Center so that Users can print them from an individual Inventory Unit Profile. Contracts, along with their associated Contract Types, are displayed in the Printable Contracts area of each Inventory Profile. As a value-add service, Lasso will program the PDF contract so that it automatically populates the details of purchase. (Please contact your Client Director for more information.) You can opt to upload unprogrammed contracts if you simply want them accessible to Users in the Lasso system.

Note: Contracts that are larger than 20 MB exceed the size limit and cannot be uploaded. 

To Access Uploaded Contracts:

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.
2 – With your mouse, hover over Project Settings and select Contracts in the dropdown.

This brings you to the list of Contracts that have been uploaded to the Inventory Center.