Manage Inventory Unit Details

Manage Inventory Unit Details

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.
2 – If your Project contains multiple Components, you will see tabs displaying each Component name. Clicking on the tab gives you access to the Units associated with a particular Component.
3 – To access a Unit’s details, click on a Unit in the Inventory List.

This will open the Unit's Inventory Overview. From here, you can add or edit basic information and contract details for the Unit:

  1. Inventory Unique ID – Unit-specific identification number, e.g. strata lot number
  2. Inventory – Unit number, i.e. the number that is the most recognizable to sales reps and purchasers
  3. Status – current unit status
  4. Plan – Unit plan type
  5. Sq Ft – Unit square footage
  6. Purchasers – Purchasers assigned to unit
  7. Sales Reps – Sales Reps assigned to unit
  8. Details – Unit details including bedrooms, bathrooms, & taxes
  9. Dates – Contractual dates specific to unit
  10. Tenants - Leasing details
  11. Inside Contract – Pricing details included in contract price
  12. Outside Contract – Pricing details not included in contract price
  13. Price Revisions – Adjustments made to initial unit price
  14. Premiums – Premium added to unit sale price
  15. Overrides – Sales Reps commission override for unit
  16. Subjects/Contingencies – Subjects placed on unit
  17. Options/Upgrades – Unit options and upgrades packages
  18. Escrow – Escrow information
  19. Outside Realtors – Outside Realtors assigned to unit
  20. Non-Realtor Referrals – Paid Referrals
  21. Deposit Bond Company - Deposit Bond Company contact information
  22. Storage – Number of assigned parking stalls, lockers, and bicycle storage
  23. Notes – Additional information specific to the unit
  24. Deposits – Deposit details as specified for the unit