Reassign Contract

Reassign Contract

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.
2 – If applicable, click on the Component tab of the Unit you want to access.
3 – In the Inventory List, find the Unit you want to access and click on it.

4 – Click on Contract.

5 – Click on Reassign Deal.

6 – Beside Reassign to, select the Purchaser’s new Inventory Unit.
7 – Under the Inventory, Storage, and Sales Reps sections, for each item, select what you want to do with the information:

a) Take – Move the information from the original Unit to the newly selected Unit
b) Leave – Keep the information with the original Unit
c) Delete – Remove the information from the original Unit

Mr Smith puts an offer in to purchase Unit 100 and Parking Stall 330 is assigned to it. Mr Smith then decides he wants Unit 209 instead. If you Take the Parking Stall information, Parking Stall 330 will move from Unit 100 to Unit 209. If you Leave it, it will remain with Unit 100, even though Mr Smith is no longer the Purchaser of that Unit. If you Delete it, Parking Stall 330 will no longer be assigned to either Unit.

8 – Click Save.

9 – A message will come up asking if you’re sure you want to reassign the deal. Click OK.

You will be taken to the Inventory Profile of the new Unit to which the Purchaser has been reassigned. History for contracts that have been reassigned can be viewed in the Reassigned Deals Report.

See also Cancel Contract.