About Follow-up Process

About Follow-up Process

The Follow-up Process field located on the Registrant Profile page in the Sales Center salescentericon allows a User to select, from a dropdown, a label that describes the step that a Registrant is at in the sales process. This is not to be confused with the Rating field which is generally used to describe the qualification or type of Registrant such as A,B, C, or Agent, Purchaser, etc.

Selecting an option in the Follow-up Process field can:

  • Simply serve as a classification marker for the Sales Rep
  • If the dropdown options are associated with Sales Processes, they can trigger the automatic assignment of sales activities to be completed. The specific activities as defined when creating each Sales Process will appear in the Activities section of the Sales Rep’s Sales Center home page once the process is triggered.

Examples of how to use the Follow-up Process field:

  • To classify the Registrant
    A client creates a dropdown of four options: 1) interested; 2) viewed property; 3) in contract negotiations; and 4) sale complete. When a Sales Rep is on a Registrant Profile, they can manually select the option that applies to any assigned Registrant at any given time, to identify how far along the Registrant is in the process.
  • To classify the Registrant and trigger automated activities
    A client has three defined follow-up processes from which a Sales Rep can choose depending on the needs of the client. The processes begin at varying schedules after initial contact: 1) two weeks; 2) one month; and 3) three months. The three follow-up options are created as a dropdown in the Follow-up Process field. Three corresponding sales processes are linked to the follow-up options. The Sales Rep makes initial contact with the Registrant and determines that the follow-up process should begin in two weeks as this best suits the Registrant's needs. The Sales Rep selects Follow-up Process 1 in the Follow-up field in the Registrant Profile. This will trigger the sales activities that were created and associated with Follow-up Process 1, e.g. phone call two weeks after intial contact.

The Follow-up Process field can, in fact, be used in a variety of ways to categorize a Registrant. For example, it could be used as an identifier in the Sales Process, Marketing Process, or Closing Process, or applied in whatever way best meets your needs.

Follow-up Process Options are created in the Project Admin Center Project Admin and are applied to the Registrant Profile in the Sales Center.

Note: The Sales Process functionality in Lasso allows a Project Administrator to set up a schedule of activities that all Sales Reps must complete. The Follow-up Process differs from the Sales Process by allowing Sales Reps to choose from a set of predefined processes depending on the needs of their prospect and to initiate the selected process at their discretion. To find out more about the difference between Sales Process and Follow-up Process functionality, click Sales Process versus Follow-up Process.

For instruction on how to set up a Sales Process, refer to Add Sales Process.

To Access Follow-up Process Options:

1 - Click into the Project Admin Center Project Admin.
2 - Click on Project Setup and select Registrant Settings.

3 - Click on the Follow-up Process tab.

Follow-up Process

Note: You must have a Project Administrator Role and Registrant Settings Permissions to access this area.

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