About Self Serve Registrant Updates (SSRU)

About Self Serve Registrant Updates (SSRU) 

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Self Service Registrant Update (SSRU) is an advanced feature located in the Project Admin Center Project Admin that allows clients to create custom questions and send these questions in the form of a landing page to Registrants via email. Additionally, Registrants can be sent their details to update in real time.

This is a great way of staying in touch with Registrants, gathering up-to-date contact details, confirming interest level, and segmenting lists. A SSRU can even be used for registration of upcoming events.

Once your SSRU has been created, it is sent in the same manner as other email templates either as a Mass Mail or from the individual Registrant screen in the Sales Center Sales Center. Before you send the email template containing the SSRU to all Registrants selected, TEST it first! Send it to yourself or a test group within your office.

Best Practices and Helpful Hints:
• Keep the questions brief and limit the number.
• Test the questions and responses with others. It’s important to get others’ perspectives.
• Only include the details that are really pertinent. Registrants will be overwhelmed if they have to complete too much information.
• If you’re using this to track event registration, create two custom lists based on the Question responses (e.g. one for “Yes, I’ll attend” responses and another for “No, I’m not able to attend” responses). As Registrants respond, they will be automatically filtered into the appropriate list. No need to keep an additional list. You’ll even be able to run a list to determine all those Registrants who haven’t responded yet.

Steps to creating and sending a Self Serve Registrant Update:

1)  Client Admin Center :

  • Set up SSRU Questions in the Question Center.

2) Project Admin Center :

  • Add the SSRU under Project Setup.

3) Sales Center :

  • Create an email template containing an SSRU link.
  • Test the SSRU.
  • Generate a list of Registrants and send the SSRU as a mass mail.

To Access Self Serve Registrant Update Setup (SSRU):

1 - Click into the Project Admin Center Project Admin.
2 - Click on Project Setup and select Self Serve Registrant Updates.

Note: You must have a Project Administrator Role and Self Serve Registrant Updates Permissions to access this area.  

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