Project Admin Center - Project Setup - Self Serve Registrant Updates (SSRUs)

Project Admin Center - Project Setup - Self Serve Registrant Updates (SSRUs)

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About Self Serve Registrant Updates

The Self Service Registrant Updates menu item under Project Setup in the Project Admin Center allows Project Administrators to create custom questions and send these questions in the form of a landing page to registrants via email. Additionally, registrants can be sent their details to update in real time.

This is a great way of staying in touch with registrants, gathering up-to-date contact details, confirming interest level, and segmenting lists. A Self Serve Registrant Update (SSRU) can even be used for registration of upcoming events.

Once your SSRU has been created, it is sent in the same manner as other email templates, either as a mass mail or from the individual registrant profile screen in the Sales Center. Be sure to test your email template prior to sending to your registrant list.

Best Practices and Helpful Hints:

  • Keep the questions brief and limit the number.
  • Test the questions and responses with others. It’s important to get others’ perspectives.
  • Only include the details that are really pertinent. Registrants will be overwhelmed if they have to complete too much information.
  • If you’re using this to track event registration, create two custom lists based on the question responses (e.g. one for "Yes, I’ll attend" responses and another for "No, I’m not able to attend" responses). As registrants respond, they will be automatically filtered into the appropriate list. You’ll even be able to run a list to determine all those registrants who haven’t responded yet.

Steps to creating and sending an SSRU:

1Client Admin Center:

  • Set up SSRU questions in the Question Center.

2 -  Project Admin Center:

  • Add the SSRU under Project Setup.

3Sales Center:

  • Create an email template containing an SSRU link.
  • Test the SSRU.
  • Generate a list of registrants and send the SSRU as a mass mail.

To manage SSRUs:

In the Project Admin Center, click Project Setup and select Self Serve Registrant Updates.

Add Self Serve Registrant Update (SSRU) in Project Admin Center

Prior to adding a Self Serve Registrant Update (SSRU), you will need the following:

  • Landing page that registrants are directed to after completing SSRU (e.g. a thank you page on your web site). If you don’t include this, the registrants will be directed to a Lasso default thank you page.
  • SSRU questions (if applicable) which are set up in the Question Center located in the Client Admin Center.
  • HTML header and footer text to enhance the look of the SSRU details/question page. This can be done in the Sales Center using the Email Template Editor functionality. Create the header and footer and then cut and paste the HTML text. Alternatively, an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver can be used. Any images used must be hosted on a web site.

Once the above is completed, you are ready to create the SSRU.

1 - In the Project Admin Center, click Project Setup and select Self Serve Registrant Updates.

2 - Click on Add SSRU.


3 - Complete the information in the spaces provided on the right side of the screen:

  • Name - Create a name for the SSRU.
  • Start Date - Select the date that you would like to begin accessibility to the SSRU.
  • End Date - Leave this blank if you’d like the SSRU to be perpetual. Otherwise, select a date that you would like it to end.
  • Redirect URL - Cut and paste the URL that registrants should be directed to when they have completed the form. This URL should thank the registrants for updating their profile.
  • Disable - Check if you want to stop access to the SSRU. Unchecking will grant access again.


  • Basic Info - If applicable, check the boxes that you would like the registrant to update.


  • Questions - If applicable, check the questions that you would like the registrant to answer on the SSRU. Remember the questions must be created in the Question Center prior to creating the SSRU.


  • Login Text, Profile Text, Header Text and Footer Text require HTML code. Cut and paste HTML code into each text box. They are as follows:
    • Login Text - This is optional and is a message that appears when a registrant clicks on the SSRU link and it has been closed or is past the End Date.
    • Profile Text - This text will appear just above the update information.
    • Header Text - This will appear at the top of the page (usually a banner logo).
    • Footer Text - This will appear at the bottom of the page.


4 - Click Save. This will add to the list under Self Serve Registrant Updates on the left.
5 - Select the SSRU and click Preview in the bottom right corner to see what it will look like to your registrants.


Example of SSRU Preview


6 - The next step is to insert an SSRU link into an email template.

Insert Self Serve Registrant Update (SSRU) Link into Email Template

Note: The SSRU must first be created in the Project Admin Center.

1 - In the email template, enter the text for your Self Serve Registrant Update (SSRU) link and select it, or place your cursor where you want the link to appear in your template.


2 - Click Insert on the Email Template Editor toolbar and select Link, or click the Link button on the toolbar.


3 - In the Link list dropdown, select the SSRU.


4 - Note that the SSRU URL appears in the Url field. If you did not enter text for your link, enter it in the Text to display field.

5 - Click Ok.


The linked text will be in blue font and underlined.