Job Functions of Online Sales Counselor (OSC)

Job Functions of Online Sales Counselor (OSC)

Main job functions:

  • Respond quickly and personally to all electronic leads
  • Handle all incoming phone leads
  • Provide persistent and targeted follow-up
  • Qualify the lead based on individual wants and needs
  • Set and schedule appointments for onsite sales agents
  • Maintain database of leads with updated information and customer notes
  • Track and report on conversion statistics

Secondary functions that most OSCs can handle if workload permits:

  • Update and maintain inventory on website and third-party referral sites
  • Conduct e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Manage or track Search Engine Marketing
  • Continually research new sources for online advertising
  • Maintain online marketing budget and conversion statistics

The OSC handles the lead until the appointment is set and then turns the responsibility over to the Onsite Sales Agent. Some relocation buyers may request more information from an OSC and want to go through the entire sales process. Don’t allow the process to go too far. Turn the lead over to the onsite agent when the leads have been properly qualified. Having the OSC position handle a lead all the way to closing will limit the effectiveness of the online sales program and this position.

An OSC cannot properly manage any volume of leads if they are expected to work with a client through the whole process. If an OSC is spending time getting financing together, following up on paperwork, updating the buyer on the construction, putting out fires or holding the deal together, they will not be able to respond quickly to the new leads arriving daily. This is, in essence, the onsite agent’s difficulty in handling leads and the reason the OSC position was created in the first place. Also, this will put an OSC in direct competition with the onsite agent, leading to an unhealthy rivalry. Having the OSC set up appointments for the onsite agents will keep everyone happy and you will sell more homes.

Note: Please refer to new home sales coach and consultant Mike Lyon's website at for more information.

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