Tips for Online Sales Counselor (OSC) Success

Tips for Online Sales Counselor (OSC) Success

Be quick on the draw.
Online Sales Counselors (OSCs) know they are more likely to set an appointment if they catch a lead while still on their website. That means lightning fast response time. Firing off an email when a prospect is still on their computer engages the lead quickly with attentive customer service.

Use Lasso and implement a process.
Once contact is made and key information is identified, the OSC begins building a relationship. Lasso, via its Registrant Management functionality including Sales Process and Activities, allows OSCs to create short-term or long-term follow-up consistent with the buyer’s specific needs.

Sell the appointment, not the home.
In this position and process, the “close” is setting the appointment. Understanding how to ask and being prepared for the common objections that will follow gives the advantage to those who are ready. It may seem obvious but that’s what separates people who send emails from highly effective OSCs who facilitate sales.

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