About Updating Multiple Registrants with Single Entry

About Updating Multiple Registrants with Single Entry

Use the Perform Action functionality in Lasso when you want to update multiple registrant profiles with the same information. For example, a direct mail piece is sent out to a list of all registrants with an A rating. Instead of updating each profile individually, a user can generate the list and add history or a note to each profile with a single entry.

Depending on your permissions, you can perform the following actions on a list of registrants:

  • Add History - create a History entry, e.g. Phone Call
  • Add Activity - create an Activity
  • Add Notes - create a Note
  • Associate with Another Project - create an association to other projects
  • Campaigns - add Registrants to an existing Campaign
  • Change Contact Preference - update to a new Contact Preference
  • Change Exclude from Traffic - change whether Registrants should be Included or Excluded as Traffic (applicable to the Registrant Traffic (Exclusionary) report)
  • Change Follow-up Process - update to a new Follow-up Process
  • Change Rating - update to a new Rating
  • Change Source - update to a new Source Type
  • Change Secondary Source - update to a new Secondary Source Type
  • Delete Registrants - permanently delete Registrants from the current project
  • Groups - Add to - add Registrants to a Group
  • Groups - Remove from - remove Registrants from a Group
  • Opt-Out - opt out Registrants from receiving Mass Mails
  • Outside Realtor - Assign - assign a Realtor to the Registrant list
  • Outside Realtor - Unassign - remove a Realtor from the Registrant list
  • Sales Reps - Assign - assign Sales Reps to the Registrant list
  • Sales Reps - Unassign - unassign Sales Reps from the Registrant list
  • Update Questions - update answers to selected questions

To access Perform Action:

1 - In the Sales Center Sales Center, pull up a registrant list.
2 - Click Select All above the list to select everyone or check the boxes beside the names of the registrants you want to update.
3 - Mouse over Perform Action above the list and select the action from the dropdown.

Add Activity via Registrant List
Add History via Registrant List
Add Notes via Registrant List
• Add Registrants to Campaign
Add Registrants to Groups
Remove Registrants from Groups via Registrant List
Assign Outside Realtor via Registrant List
Unassign Outside Realtor via Registrant List
Assign Sales Rep via Registrant List
Unassign Sales Reps via Registrant List
Associate Registrants to Another Project via Registrant List
Unassociate Registrants from Another Project via Registrant List
Change Contact Preference via Registrant List
Change Exclude Registrants from Traffic Report via Registrant List
Change Follow-up Process via Registrant List
Change Rating via Registrant List
Change Secondary Source Type via Registrant List
Change Source Type via Registrant List
Delete Registrants via Registrant List
Opt Out Registrants via Registrant List
Update Answers to Questions via Registrant List