About Registrant Ratings

About Registrant Ratings

Ratings are typically used to classify Registrants based on their interest level and pre-qualification. As you take your Registrants through the sales qualifying process, you can assign them a predefined Rating that identifies their buying potential. This field can also be used to label types of Registrants, such as Realtor or Purchaser. Categorizing Registrants with predefined criteria allows you to manage your communications and sales activities more effectively.

Lasso provides default Rating Types which Lasso Administrators can add or edit as needed to suit the internal sales processes of the organization. (Please refer to Rating Types for more information.)

Default Rating Types:

  • A 
  • B 
  • D 
  • N - Default rating for all new Online Registrants
  • NQ - Not Qualified; determined through pre-qualification process
  • Purchaser - Purchaser on the project; used to manually manage Purchasers when Inventory Management is not used in Lasso

See Add/Update Registrant Ratings.