About Rating Types

About Rating Types

Registrant Ratings are typically used to classify Registrants based on their interest level and pre-qualification. As sales reps take Registrants through the sales qualifying process, Ratings are assigned which define a Registrant’s buying potential. This field can also be used to identify types of Registrants, such as Realtor or Purchaser. Categorizing Registrants with predefined criteria allows Lasso Users to manage their communications and sales activities more effectively.

Lasso provides a list of default Rating Types with which to get started. Administrators can edit the defaults or create additional Rating Types in the Client Admin Center  which will be accessible on all projects and Users will be able to select from this list when assigning a Rating to a Registrant.

Default Registrant Rating Types
Administrators can add descriptions to suit the internal sales processes of their specific organization.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • N - default rating for all New Online Registrants
  • Not Interested
  • Not Qualified
  • Purchaser
  • Realtor

To Access Rating Types:

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center.
2 - Click on Settings
3 - Click on Registrant in the dropdown.

Registrant Settings

4 - Click on the Rating Types tab.


Note: You must have a Client Administrator Role and Registrants Settings Permissions to access this area.

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