Add Relationship Type

Add Relationship Type

1 - Click into the Client Admin Center.
2 - Click on Settings
3 - Click on Registrant in the dropdown.

Registrant Settings

4 - Click on the Relationship Types tab.


5 - Click on Add Relationship Type.


6 - A new line will appear. Enter the Relationship Type in the space provided and then double-click in the same line under Reverse and enter the Reverse Relationship.

You can enter your Relationship Types in two ways:

a) Click on Add Relationship Type multiple times to add as many fields as you need and then go back and enter your Relationship Types and Reverse Relationships in the spaces provided; or
b) Click on Add Relationship Type, enter your Relationship Type and Reverse Relationship in the spaces provided, and then click on Add Relationship Type again and repeat the process as many times as needed.

Note: For many Relationship Types, you will need to create two entries in order to be able to select a Relationship Type and its Reverse when assigning Relationships to Registrants.
For example, if you are assigning a Child-Parent Relationship, you need to be able to select Child for one Registrant and Parent for the other Registrant. In this case, two Relationship Types would need to be created - one Type as Child with the Reverse as Parent and the other Type as Parent with the Reverse as Child.


7 - Click Save.

Note: A red triangle in the upper left corner of an entry indicates the item has not been saved. Once it’s been saved, the red triangle will disappear. 

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