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Add Users

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About Adding Users to Lasso

Users are added to Lasso in the Client Admin Center. Click the Users tab and select Manage Users to add an individual user or multiple users all at one time. Once users have been added to the system, they then need to be given specific roles and permissions which can be done via Manager Users or Manager Permissions:

1 - In the Client Admin Center, click on the Users tab.

2 - Select Manage Users to add the users to the system.

3 - Select Manager Users or Manage Permissions to assign users their roles and permissions.

Add One User At A Time

1 - Click Users and select Manage Users.

2 - Click on Add User.


3 - Complete First Name, Last Name, Username, and Password in the spaces provided.

  • Assign a Username between 4-12 characters. If you receive a message saying the username already exists, it means that someone in the Lasso system already has that username and you will have to use a different one.

Warning: Usernames CANNOT be changed after they have been created as their Lasso default email account is created at the same time, so ensure you have the correct spelling before saving the information.

  • Assign a password and re-type the password to verify the information being entered. Passwords are encrypted so be sure to write down the password in order to provide to the user.


4 - Click Save.

Note: If you have not entered data in a required field, you will see the field bordered in red. Enter the required information and continue.


Import Multiple Users All At One Time

1 - In the Client Admin Center , click Users.
2 - Select Manage Users.

3 - Click Import Users.


- Click Download Import Template.


5 - You'll get a dialogue box asking you to open the file in Microsoft Excel CSV file format. Click OK to open up the template.


6 - Complete the template with the First Name, Last Name, Username, and Password.


7 - Save the template as a CSV file to your computer and make a note of its saved location. (It must be saved as a CSV file.)
8 - Click to the right of the box that says “Select a csv file to upload” and select your import file. The file name will be displayed in the box.


9 - Click on Import to import your users into the database.


10 - Click Save.

About Assigning Roles and Permissions

Once you've added the users, your next step is to assign roles and permissions. You can assign roles and permissions for a specific user or you can assign roles and permissions for multiple users all at one time. If you're going to assign roles and permissions for multiple users all at one time, you must create Permission Presets prior  to assigning Roles.

About Role Types

Manage Users - Add and edit user accounts, including updating passwords and project email addresses, and disabling logins and roles. Once users have been added, they can be associated to projects and given specific roles and permissions. Users can be added one at a time or a list can be imported into the database using the template downloaded from Lasso.

Manage Permissions - Associate users to projects and assign roles for each. There are four types of roles that can be assigned to Lasso Users. They are Client Administrator, Inventory Administrator, Project Administrator, and Sales. Each role has its own set of permissions that can be included or excluded according to the needs of the individual user.

Manage Roles - View the list or users and their associated roles and projects, update project email addresses or phone numbers, disable/enable a role, and hide/unhide a user from the Sales Center.

Manage Permission Presets - Create sets of permissions that pertain to specific roles. Creating Permission Presets prior to assigning users their roles makes the task quick and easy, and allows for the assignment of a particular role or combination of roles to multiple users on multiple projects at the same time.

Assign Roles and Permissions Using Permission Presets

1 - Click Users and select Manage Permissions.

The Manage Permissions page lists all the users, projects, and permission presets in your  database. You can assign multiple users to multiple projects at one time but with only one Permission Preset at a time. For example, as long as a group of sales reps have the same permissions, you can assign them all at one time to multiple projects with one sales rep permission preset.


2 - If you are assigning the Sales Rep Role, double-click in the New Email Address (Sales Only) field beside each name you are assigning and enter a project email address.

Note: Each sales rep should have a unique project email address. If project email addresses are the same for different users, there is the potential of registrant history duplication for registrants that are on multiple projects.

3 - Click on the name of each user to whom you are assigning a specific role. Hold down your Ctrl key to select multiple users.
4 - Click on one or more projects to which you want to assign the user(s) for that role. Hold down your Ctrl or Shift key if you want to select more than one project, or click Select All.
5 - Click on the appropriate Permission Preset. You can select only one permission preset per user. (Permission presets can include a combination of any of the Client Admin, Project Admin, Inventory or Sales roles.)
6 - Click Apply Selected in the bottom right corner.

Note: A red triangle in the upper left corner of an entry indicates the item has not been saved. Once it’s been saved, the red triangle will disappear.


You will see the selected projects and permission preset beside the selected names.

Note: If you want to clear your selections, click on Clear Changes. This will clear all selections.


7 - Repeat the selection of Users, Projects, and a Permission Preset for as many roles as needed, clicking on Apply Selected each time you have selected the users and projects for a single role.


8 - Click Save when you have finished applying all desired roles and projects as needed.

9 - The Save Changes page that pops up has three sections: Permissions, Role Options, and Email Authorization.

a) Under Permissions, there are two options:

  • Add to current Permissions – This is the default. Selecting this option will add the Permissions that were included in the selected Permissions Preset for each selected User.
  • Overwrite current Permissions – Selecting this option will REMOVE the selected Users’ current Permissions and add the Permissions that were included in the selected Permissions Preset.

b) Under Role Options, Allow Roles to be created is checked by default. This adds new roles for selected users if they do not already have the roles that are included in the selected permission presets.

c) Under Email authorization, Automatically authorize email is checked by default. All email addresses entered for sales reps into Lasso must be authorized by the system before use.


Note: Click on Select All if you want to select all users or all projects. Click on Unselect All to unselect.


Assign Roles and Permissions Without Using Permission Presets

1 - Click Users and select Manage Users.

2 - Double-click on a user.
3 - Click Add Role.


4 - Click on the dropdown to the right of Role Type and select the role.


5 - Click on the dropdown to the right of Project and select the project.


6 - A list of permissions will be displayed that are available for the role you selected. You can either check off the permissions individually by checking the box beside each or checking the Select All box.

7 - Click Save.

About Permission Presets

To learn more about Permission Presets and how to use the functionality, please click here.