Inventory Center - Home Page and Reports

Inventory Center - Home Page and Reports

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About Inventory Center

The Inventory Center allows you to manage various aspects of the sale including assigning purchasers to units, entering contract details, managing deposits, allocating parking stalls, etc. Access the Inventory Center by clicking on the single tower icon inventoryadminicon and selecting your project from the dropdown.

Inventory Center

About Inventory Center Home Page

The Inventory Center Home Page displays the Inventory List for each component in the project, including Plan and Status. Click on a unit to view and manage the details. Overview sections allow you to quickly see option and upgrade revenue, number of parking stalls and lockers as well as related revenue, total price revisions and premiums, status totals, and sales by sales rep and outside realtor.

1Lasso tab – Access the Mail Center and projects

2 - Inventory tab – Add, search, manage, import, and export inventory data

3 - Outside Realtors tab – Manage Outside Realtor commissions

4 - Project Settings tab – Add inventory settings such as plan types and storage

5 - Registrant tab – Add and search for Registrants

6 - Reports tab – Access reports on sales and other inventory details

7 - Sales Reps tab – Manage Sales Reps commissions

8 - User Preferences – Set your preferences related to email and display, as well as change your password

9 - Search bar – Search for specific inventory or registrants

10 - Downloads button – Access all export files

11 - Information icon – Access Help Center

12 - Component tabs – Access different inventory components if your project has more than one

13 - Inventory List – View list of inventory and click through to individual units

14 - Options and Upgrades – View total dollar amounts for options and upgrades

15 - Storage – View total dollar amounts for parking stalls and storage lockers

16 - Total Price Revisions and Total Premiums – View total dollar amounts

17 - Inventory Overview – View status of inventory

18 - Sales Rep Overview – View number of units that are Firm and Closed for each Sales Rep

19 - Outside Realtors – View number of units that are Firm and Closed for each Outside Realtor

About Inventory Center Reports

Lasso has several standard Inventory Center reports, most of which can be exported to Excel. They can also be customized by reordering columns or removing columns that are not relevant for your specific business needs.

Inventory Center Reports include:

  • Sales Rep Commission Summary – Sales rep commissions details, including inventory status, total commissions earned, commissions payable, commissions paid, tracking of check numbers, and commission outstanding
  • Component Summary – Snapshot of revenue, discounts, commissions and deal activity for a component of the project
  • Deal Activity – Firm and Closed deal information for the project including purchaser, total sales and extras revenue, contract, and completion dates for each unit
  • Escrow – Escrow tracking including initial price, revisions, revenue amounts, escrow companies and lenders, and all associated details
  • Inventory Cancellations – Information regarding cancelled deals, including source type, secondary source type, date, and reason for cancellation
  • Inventory Contract Amendments – Details on amendments made to contracts, including the amendment number and date, and the date it was received by the purchaser
  • Inventory Deposits (Details) – Details on deposits including due dates, contract dates, purchasers, received deposits, overdue deposits, and account information
  • Inventory Deposits (Summary) – Summary of deposits including sale price, net revenue, purchaser information, anticipated completion date, deposit amounts and percentages, last amounts received, next amounts due, and overdue amounts
  • Inventory Expense Details – Expenses related to individual inventory, including internal commissions, outside realtor commissions, referral fees, and legal fees
  • Inventory Lockers – Information on lockers per unit, additional lockers purchased, and description
  • Inventory Parking – information on parking stalls per unit, additional stalls purchased, and description
  • Inventory Premiums – Details on premiums for each unit including premium description, date, and amount, and contract status
  • Inventory Price Revisions – Summary of historical price revisions for each unit
  • Inventory Revenue – Revenue information including inventory status, inventory size (sq. ft.), purchase revenue, and unsold revenue
  • Inventory Sales Projections – Analysis of projected sales versus actual
  • Non Realtor Referrals – Information on registrant referrals and referral amounts paid
  • Outside Realtor Payment Schedule – Outside Realtors/Brokers payment information including associated Inventory, commissions earned, and bonuses earned
  • Options and Upgrades – Details of options and upgrades for individual units of inventory including price, cost, parts, and model information
  • Price Sheet – Price list of available inventory, total price revisions to date, and current sale price
  • Prospect Purchaser Analysis – Statistics for the “How Heard” question and associated answers broken down by Prospects versus Purchasers along with a conversion rate
  • Purchaser List – List of purchasers and their basic information as well as contract and completion dates
  • Reassigned Deals – Comparative details on reassigned inventory
  • Registrant Reservations – Details on reservations including selection number, reservation number, associated inventory (if applicable), priority, and status
  • Sales Report – Details of individual inventory including sale price, price per square foot, discounts, premiums, revenue amounts, purchasers, contract status and dates, deposit information, and associated sales reps and outside realtors
  • Subject Deal Activity – Information on all units that have subjects/contingencies and when the subjects are to be removed
  • Suite Summary – Details of individual inventory including sale price, contract status and dates, purchasers, options and upgrades, and storage information, as well as square footage, plan types, color schemes, maintenance and legal fees, and associated sales reps and outside realtors
  • Suppliers - Supplier information related to options and upgrades for each unit

To view Inventory Center Reports, select the component if applicable, click Reports and then List.

Sort Columns in Lists and Reports

Sort the information in your lists or reports by clicking on the column headings.

The first click on a column heading will sort the data in an ascending order while a subsequent click will sort in a descending order.

Search for Inventory

You can search for units in the Inventory Center by various Inventory criteria. Both the Inventory Search shortcut and the Inventory Search in the Inventory dropdown on the Inventory Center Home Page will bring you to a complete listing of Inventory units and associated details. You can search on the following criteria:

  • Basement Sq Ft
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Color Scheme
  • Created
  • Definition
  • Enclosed Balcony Size
  • Exposure
  • Finished Sq Ft
  • Floor
  • Initial Price
  • Legal Fee
  • Locked
  • Maintenance Fee
  • Open Air Balcony Size
  • Plan
  • Property Tax
  • Sq Ft
  • Standard Finishings

1 - In the Inventory Center, click on the appropriate Component tab, if applicable. You won't see Component tabs if there is only one.


2 - There are two ways to search:

  • Click on the Inventory Search shortcut Inventory Search in the top right.
  • Hover over Inventory at the top of the page and select Inventory Search.

3 - This brings you to the Inventory List. To search on specific criteria, click on Filter above the list.

4 - Click on the Field dropdown and select the field you want to search.

Example: If you want to search for all 2-bedroom units, select Bedrooms in the Field dropdown.

5 - Click on the Comparison dropdown and select is to include your criterion and is not to exclude it.

Example: Select is to find all 2-bedroom units. Select is not to exclude all 2-bedroom units.

6 - Click on the Value dropdown and make your selection.

7 - Click on the plus sign to add other criteria, if desired. You may add as many conditions as you like.

Example: If you want a list of all 2-bedroom units that are greater than 1000 sq ft, select Bedrooms for the 1st Field, is for the 1st Comparison, 2 Bedroom for the 1st Value, AND for the condition, Sqft for the 2nd Field, is greater than for the 2nd Comparison, and 1000 for the 2nd Value.

8 - Once you've chosen your criteria, click on Filter.

Lasso returns the results of its search by listing all units that match your criteria. Clicking on the Unique ID (UI) of a specific unit will take you to the unit details.