Sales Center - Home Page and Reports

Sales Center - Home Page and Reports

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About Sales Center Home Page

The Sales Center Home Page gives you instant access to activities, appointments, registrant lists, recent mass mailings, and deposits due (if applicable). Use the Search bar to quickly find specific registrants, projects, and user roles. Access the Help Center for instructional videos and documentation, and manage your user preferences.

You will see two menu bars at the top of the page. The first row of menu items give you access to functionality related to your project while the second row of items allows you to quickly add an activity or appointment for a registrant, and access other projects to which you are assigned.

1 Lasso – Access Lasso Landing page.

Centers – Access Mail, Client Admin, Project Admin, Inventory, and Sale Center Home Pages.

Registrants – Add, search for, and import registrants; access registrant exports; manage duplicates; access realtor database (if applicable).

– Lists – Access custom lists and groups as well as built-in lists.

– Reports – Access Sales Center reports such as traffic and history.

6 – Marketing – Manage Email Templates, and Media Spend.

7 – Quick Search – Search for projects, roles, or registrants by typing the first few letters of the name.

8 – Help – Access the Help Center containing instructional videos and documentation.

9 – User Preferences – Set your preferences related to email, language, time zone, and display as well as change your password.

10 – Activity – Add an activity for a registrant.

11 Appointment – Add an appointment for a registrant.

12 – Project – Click on the project name to return to the Sales Center home page or click on the dropdown to go to another project.

The panels display the activities and appointments that need to be completed, various registrant lists including saved custom lists and groups, stats for recent mass mailings, and deposits due (if using Inventory Center).


1 – Activities – Number of activities to be completed. Click through specific activities to see the registrants for whom the activity needs to be completed; access profiles; reschedule or delete activities; send email activities. Expand or collapse timeframes to see the list of activities within each one.

2 – Appointments – Appointments to be completed, by default. Click on an appointment to complete, update, or cancel. Click on a registrant's name to open their profile. Also visible is the project the appointment was created in (including if it was a different project than the project you are logged into), the sales rep that created it ("ME" if it was you that created it), and the assigned sales rep initials. Settings allows you to select the display from the following:

  • AppointmentsAppointments you created and appointments you are attending
  • Appointments I’ve Created – Only appointments that you have created
  • Appointments I’m AttendingOnly appointments for your assigned registrants
  • Show Completed – All past appointments, including those resolved as Completed, No Show, or Cancelled
  • Show Unrelated – All public appointments that have been created in other projects

3 – My Registrants by Rating – Number of your assigned registrants by rating. Click through ratings or numbers to registrant lists; perform actions on lists.

4 – Custom Lists (Dynamic Lists) – Saved custom registrant lists and predefined (built-in) registrant lists. Create new custom lists; click through to saved custom lists; manage lists and sharing; click through to predefined (built-in) lists; perform actions on lists.

5 – Groups (Static Lists) – Saved registrant groups. Manage groups; click through to registrant lists; perform actions on lists.

6 – Mass Mailings – Stats for three most recent mass mailings and/or completed email activities (containing email templates) sent via the Sales Center Home Page. Click through to Mass Mail Details Report and Mass Mail Summary Report; click through to registrants lists for Opened, Unopened, and Failed mass mailings; select to see stats for mass mails and/or email activities completed via the Sales Center Home Page (therefore sent via Lasso’s mass mail server).

7 – Deposit Stats – Upcoming and overdue deposit numbers. This will show only if you are using the Inventory Center to manage your purchasers/contracts. Click through upcoming or overdue numbers to   Deposit Details Summary.

If you are a Sales Manager/Administrator, you will likely have Home Page permissions which allow you to see activities and registrant lists of all sales reps on the Sales Center Home Page as opposed to only your own. The additional permissions will show you:

  • Activities by Sales Rep panel where you will be able to click through to activities that need to be completed for each sales rep.
  • Sales Reps panel that will provide you with access to each sales rep's assigned registrant list. Once you bring up a sales rep’s list, you can perform actions on that list such as assigning activities, changing ratings, and associating the registrants to other projects.

Note: The Purchasers column shows registrants that have a status of Purchaser and applies only if you are using the Inventory Center. If you are not using inventory, the column will contain zeros.


About Mass Mailings Panel on Sales Center Home Page

The Mass Mailings panel on the Sales Center Home Page displays the three most recent mailings sent through the Lasso Mass Mail Server. By default, this panel includes Email activities (email containing templates) completed from the Sales Center Home Page but you can choose to display only mass mail or only email activities, depending on your preference.


1 – Click the button in the top right of the panel to select to see only Mass Mail, only Activity, or both.

2 – Click the name of the mass mail/email activity to go to the Mass Mail Details Report.

3 – Click the Opened, Unopened, and Failed links to access the registrant lists and perform actions such as adding an activity for all registrants in the list.

4 – Click the Mass Mail Summary Report link to go to the report.

Note: When the Mass Mail Summary is first generated, it shows only mass mails by default. To see the emails that were completed from the Sales Center Home Page, select activity under the Type Filter and click Filter.

About Sales Center Reports

Lasso has several standard Sales Center reports. Specific report permissions are needed to access each one.

The reports can be exported to Excel, and can also be customized by reordering columns or removing columns that are not relevant for your specific business needs.

1  Appointments Report – Listing of each appointment the user created, the projects they were created in, the appointment status, and the assigned sales reps.

2  Activity Reports – Listing of scheduled sales activities including registrant details and whether activities have been completed

3  Availability Board – Information on inventory, including plan type, contract status, and price as well as assigned sales reps and purchasers

4  Geographical – Statistics on registrant population by City, Country, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code; drill down to registrant listing for a selected region

5 First and Last Contacts and Comments Report – Listing of sales reps’ most recent contact history with registrants over select time periods, along with their initial contact history

6 Mass Mail Summary – Statistics on mass mails sent including opens, click-throughs, and forwards, as well as complaint and opted-out rates; drill down to registrant details

7 – Media Spend – Summary of media spending, registrant signups during spend period, and media cost per registrant

8 – Media Spend (graphical) – Graphical representation of selected media spend categories for selected date range; breakdown by publication, cost per registrant, and breakdown of registrants by publication

9 – Outside Realtors – Listing of outside realtors along with the number of registrants and purchasers they are associated with on a project; drill down to registrant/purchaser details

10 – Prospect Purchaser Analysis – Statistics for questions and associated answers broken down by prospects vs. purchasers along with a conversion rate

11 – Purchaser List – List of purchasers and their basic information as well as contract and completion dates

12 – Registrant History – Details of all contact history for registrants over a select time period

13 – Registrant Reservations – Reservation details including price range, priority, unit preferences, deposits, and status

14 – Registrant Traffic – Statistics on registrant sign-ups, source types, secondary source types, ratings, contact history, and questions answered

15Registrant Website Analytics – List of website pages that a registrant visits; sales reps are sent email notifications each time a registrant visits the project website

16 – Sales Rep Appointments – Details of sales reps’ appointments including whether they’ve been completed; drill down to registrant details

17Sales Rep Registrant Contacts – Daily details of sales reps’ contact with registrants

18 – Suite Summary – Details of individual inventory including sale price, contract status and dates, purchasers, options and upgrades, and storage information, as well as square footage, plan types, color schemes, maintenance and legal fees, and associated sales reps and outside realtors

19 – Website Analytics – Specifics on sites that prospects are coming from as well as registrant website activity

  • Page Views – Page URLs and page titles that were clicked on along with the number of times that each page was viewed
  • Traffic – Visit dates as well as the number of new visitors, return visitors, total page views, average page views, and registrations
  • Referrers – Sites that visitors have come from, including referrer name ,referrer type, and number of visitors and registrations along with their conversion rate
  • Keywords – Words that were typed in the search field and the number of times each was entered

Sales Center Reports are accessed by clicking on Reports on the Sales Center Home Page and selecting from the list.


Note: In order to view a report, you must have the associated report permission.

Customize Registrant Traffic Report Columns

Customize the Registrant Traffic Report so that you see only the information that is relevant to you. For example, if you want to see only the new Registrant Signups and Source Types, you can choose to display only these two sections on the report. This is done through the Personalization functionality which is available for most standard Lasso reports. Personalization on the Registrant Traffic Report allows you to select which sections you would like to see on the report and save your customized version so that you do not have to create the version again the next time you log in.

1 – In the Sales Center, click Reports and select Registrant Traffic.


2 – Click Personalize at the top of the screen.

3 – This brings you to the Personalize window. The right column lists the sections that are available to be displayed on the report. The left column lists the sections that are included on the personalized version of the report. This will be blank if no personalized versions have been created. Click on the green plus icon Registrant Traffic Report.

4 – Enter a name in the Report Version space.
5 – Drag and drop sections from the right Available Sections column to the left Currently on Report column if you want them to be included on the report. Conversely, move them from the Currently on Report column to the Available Sections column if you do not want them included.

6 – Click Save.

7 – Go back to the Registrant Traffic Report.
8 – In the Report Version dropdown, select the version you created.

To edit a Report Version:

1 – From the Registrant Traffic Report, click on Personalize.

2 – In the Report Version dropdown, select the report version you want to change.
3 – Click on the pencil Registrant Traffic Report.

4 – Edit as needed.
5 – Click Save.

To remove a Report Version:

1 – From the Registrant Traffic Report, click on Personalize.

2 – In the Report Version dropdown, select the report version you want to remove.
3 – Click on the red Registrant Traffic Report.

4 – A message will pop up asking if you want to delete the version. Click OK.

To save the Report Version as the default:

1 – From the Registrant Traffic Report, click on Personalize.

2 – In the Report Version dropdown, select the report version you want to save as the default.
3 – Click on the pencil Registrant Traffic Report.

4 – Click on the Registrant Traffic Report.

This will save the report as the default Report Version. (You will have to refresh your screen for this to take effect.)

Change Column Display in Sales Center Registrant Lists

Customize the columns that are displayed in your registrant lists so that you view, at a glance, the information that is relevant to you.

1 – Click on the Grid icon located in the left top corner of the registrant list.

2 – Click on the Sort Column dropdown and select the column on which you’d like to sort your Registrant list.

3 – Beside Sort Order, select A-Z for an ascending list or Z-A for a descending list.

4 – Check the boxes beside the columns that you want your list to display.

5 – Click Save.

Sort Columns in Sales Center Lists or Reports

Sort the information in your lists or reports by clicking on the column headings. The first click on a column heading will sort the data in an ascending order while a subsequent click will sort in a descending order. For example, if you want to sort your registrant list by name, click on the Name column. This sorts the list in ascending order by last name. Clicking on the Name column again will sort the list in descending order.