About Sales Center Reports

About Sales Center Reports

Lasso has several standard Sales Center Sales Center reports. Specific report permissions are needed to access each one. (Refer to information about Managing Users to learn more about user permissions.)

The reports can be exported to Excel, and can also be customized by reordering columns or removing columns that are not relevant for your specific business needs. (Refer to Personalize Columns in Reports in Lasso's Help Files for information on personalizing columns.)

If you have special reporting needs that are not covered by the standard reports, we would be happy to discuss custom report development with you. Please contact the Support Desk at 1.855.400.4564 or, or contact your Client Director for more information.

1 - Appointments Report – Listing of each appointment the user created, the projects they were created in, the appointment status, and the assigned sales reps.

2 - Activity Reports – Listing of scheduled sales activities including registrant details and whether activities have been completed 

3 - Availability Board – Information on inventory, including plan type, contract status, and price as well as assigned sales reps and purchasers

4 - Campaign Summary – Details on campaigns launched, including start and end dates and budget versus actual dollars spent

5 - Geographical – Statistics on registrant population by City, Country, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code; drill down to registrant listing for a selected region

6 - First and Last Contacts and Comments Report – Listing of sales reps’ most recent contact history with registrants over select time periods, along with their initial contact history

7 - Mass Mail Summary – Statistics on mass mails sent including opens, click-throughs, and forwards, as well as complaint and opted-out rates; drill down to registrant details

8 - Media Spend – Summary of media spending, registrant signups during spend period, and media cost per registrant

9 - Media Spend (graphical) – Graphical representation of selected media spend categories for selected date range; breakdown by publication, cost per registrant, and breakdown of registrants by publication

10 - Outside Realtors – Listing of Outside Realtors and the number of registrants and purchasers they are associated with on a project; drill down to registrant/purchaser details

11 - Prospect Purchaser Analysis – Statistics for the “How Heard” question and associated answers broken down by Prospects vs. Purchasers along with a conversion rate

12 - Purchaser List – List of purchasers and their basic information as well as contract and completion dates

13 - Registrant History – Details of all contact history for registrants over a select time period

14 - Registrant Reservations – Reservation details including price range, priority, unit preferences, deposits, and status

15 - Registrant Traffic – Statistics on registrant sign-ups, source types, secondary source types, ratings, contact history, and questions answered

16 - Registrant Website Analytics – Website pages that registrant visits; sales reps sent email notifications each time registrants visit the project website

17 - Sales Rep Appointments – Details of sales reps’ appointments including whether they’ve been completed; drill down to registrant details

18 - Sales Registrant Contacts – Daily details of sales reps’ contact with registrants

19 - Suite Summary – Details of individual inventory including sale price, contract status and dates, purchasers, options and upgrades, and storage information, as well as square footage, plan types, color schemes, maintenance and legal fees, and associated sales reps and outside realtors

20 - Website Analytics – Specifics on sites that prospects are coming from as well as registrant website activity

21 - Page Views – Page URLs and page titles that were clicked on along with the number of times that each page was viewed

22 - Traffic – Visit dates as well as the number of new visitors, return visitors, total page views, average page views, and registrations

23 - Referrers – Sites that visitors have come from, including referrer name ,referrer type, and number of visitors and registrations along with their conversion rate

24 - Keywords – Words that were typed in the search field and the number of times each was entered  

To access Sales Center Reports

1 – Click into the Sales Center Sales Center.
2 – Click Reports and select from the list.

Note: In order to view a report, you must have the associated report permission.

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