About Mail Center

About Mail Center

Lasso’s Mail Center is fully integrated, giving you access to three main areas that provide you with an all-in-one tool to seamlessly manage
your communication:

  • Email - Sending and receiving email
  • Calendar - Appointments and to-do lists
  • Contacts - Address Book containing personal contacts as well as Lasso Registrants

To access the Mail Center, click on the Mail button after logging in. Clicking on the dropdown beside the Mail button allows you to go directly to your Calendar or Contacts.

Communication Center

When you log into Mail, you will be taken to the Home page which contains your email. Here, you will see your Inbox and its messages as well as other basic
folders and those you've created. From the Mail page, you can also access your Address Book and
Settings. You will see the Mail, Address Book, and Settings tabs in the second row from the top.

Mail Center