About Mail Home Page

About Mail Home Page

When you log into the Mail Center , you will see a list of all messages in your Inbox. To view a message, double-click on it. On the left are the folders in which messages reside. To access messages in any of the folders, just click on the folder name. Move a message to a folder by dragging and dropping.

The five standard folders are:

a) Inbox – where all new emails arrive by default
b) Drafts – where your draft messages are stored
c) Sent – messages you send
d) Junk – messages that are identified as Spam
e) Trash – messages that you have deleted (The Trash folder will be emptied when you log out.)

The tabs in the second row from the top provide access to the Address Book and Settings which allow you to set your user preferences as well as create and manage folders and filters. The third row is the action bar where, after clicking on a message, you can perform an action such as replying to a message, deleting it, or marking it as read. On the far right of the action bar, you can search through your messages based on selected criteria. A message showing a paperclip icon contains an attachment such as a document or photo.

Tip: You can select more than one message by holding the Ctrl key and then clicking on a number of messages in succession. To select a range of messages, select the first message, hold the Shift key and then click on the last message you want to select.

Communication Center

1 - Mail – Access the Mail Home Page
2 - Address Book– Access contacts
3 - Settings – Manage settings including User Preferences, Folders, Signatures, and Filters
4 - Refresh – Checks for new messages in the current folder
5 - Compose – Create a new message
6 - Reply, Reply All, Forward – Reply to or forward a message
7 - Delete – Move a message to the Trash folder
8 - Mark – Mark a message as read or flagged
9 - More – Other options including printing, downloading, editing, opening in a new window, attaching to a registrant, and creating a filter
10 - All – Filter messages
11 - Search – Search for message containing specific criteria
12 - Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Junk, Trash Folders - Basic folders
13 - User-created Folders – Folders created by the User
14 - Manage Folders – Create and manage folders
15 - Disc Usage – Shows amount of disc space used (maximum is 512 MB)
16 - Column Display – Select which columns to list and sort
17 - Messages – Displayed messages with basic information about Subject, From, Date, Size
18 - Flag – If message is flagged, it will show in red and display a flag
19 - Attachment – If message has an attachment, it will display a paperclip
20 - List/Threads – Display messages as a simple list or as threads
21 - Select – Select All messages or only those based on certain criteria including Current Page, Unread, and Flagged
22 - Threads – If messages are set to display as threads (#20), select to Expand All, Expand Unread, Collapse All
23 - Number of Messages or Threads – Shows the number of messages or threads on the page as well as in total
24 - Page Display – Show first page, previous page, next page, or last page
25 - Preview Pane Display – Show or hide preview pane