Add Price Revision

Add Price Revision

In Lasso, a Price Revision refers to an adjustment made to a Unit’s price while it is still available for sale. Revisions affect a Unit’s Sale Price in the Inside Contract section of an Inventory Profile.

Note: A revision can made only when the status of a unit is Available.

1 - Click into the Inventory Center inventoryadminicon.
2 - If applicable, click on the Component tab you want to access.
3 - With your mouse, hover over Inventory and click on Price Sheet.

4 - You can add a Price Revision in two ways:

a) The Add Price Revision section above the Inventory List

Use this if you are making the same revision to multiple Units. Select the desired Units, enter the Amount or Percent of the Price Revision, and click on Apply to Checked. The Revisions will automatically populate for each Unit in the Add Price Revision column. 

Note: Check the box beside Select if you want all Units to be selected. You can unselect all units by unchecking the same box.

b) The Add Price Revision column in the Inventory List

Use this if you want to add individual revisions to each selected Unit. Select the desired Units and enter the Price Revision amounts in the spaces provided.

5 - Click Save.

View all Price Revisions in the Inventory Price Revisions report.