Inventory Center - Mass Update Inventory

Inventory Center - Mass Update Inventory

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About Mass Updating Inventory

In the Inventory Center, you can update multiple units at one time with the same information. For example, you may want to add a price revision of $10,000 to all one-bedroom units. With the mass update functionality, you can use the filter to list only the specific units and then update all of them at once with the price revision.

Mass updates can be made as follows:

  • Override Status – Override current inventory status on selected units, e.g. change certain units from Available to Unavailable.
  • Sales Rep – Assign/unassign sales reps to/from selected units.
  • Delete – Delete selected units.
  • Notes – Add a standard note to selected units.
  • Basic Information – Add or edit basic information of selected units such as Plan Type, Color Scheme, or Initial Price.
  • Price Revisions – Add a standard price revision to selected units.
  • Premiums – Add a standard premium to selected units.
  • Taxes – Update sales taxes on selected units.

Mass Update Inventory Units

1 – In the Inventory Center, click on the appropriate Component tab, if applicable. You won't see Component tabs if there is only one.


2 – Click on Inventory at the top of the page.

Mass Update Inventory

3 – This brings you to the Inventory List. To search on specific criteria, click on Filter above the list.

4 – Check the boxes beside the units that you want to update.

5 – Click on one of the following to update selected units:

Override Statuses

1 – Click on Override Statuses.

2 – Select the new status from the dropdown and click Ok.

Assign or Unassign Sales Reps

1 – Click on Sales Reps.

2 – Select Assign or Unassign as needed, check the boxes beside the appropriate sales reps and click Ok.

Delete Inventory

1 – Click on Delete.

2 – Click Ok to Delete the selected inventory.

Add Notes

1 – Click on Notes.

2 – Enter the information in the space provided and click Ok.

Edit Basic Information

1 – Click on Basic Information.

2 – Add to or change the information as needed and click Ok.

Add Price Revision

1 – Click on Price Revisions.

2 – Enter the amount and other information as needed in the spaces provided and click Ok.

Add Premium

1 – Click on Premiums.

2 – Enter the amount and other information as needed in the spaces provided and click Ok.

Print Contracts

1 – Click on Print Contracts.

2 – Select the appropriate contract in the dropdown and click Ok.

Update Taxes

1 – Click on Taxes.

2 – Adjust the information as needed and click Ok.