Mass Update Inventory

Mass Update Inventory

1 - Click into the Inventory Center inventoryadminicon.
2 - Click on Inventory in the top row of icons.

Mass Update Inventory

2 – This will bring you to list of all units with the following tabs displayed above it allowing the User to do the following:

  • Filter – Filter the Inventory list based on specified criteria, e.g. Bedrooms is equal to 2.
  • Refresh – Refresh the page.
  • Override Status – Override current Inventory Status on selected units, e.g. change certain units from Available to Unavailable.
  • Sales Rep – Assign or unassign Sales Reps to or from selected units.
  • Delete – Delete selected units.
  • Notes – Add a standard Note to selected units.
  • Basic Information – Add or edit Basic Information of selected units such as Plan Type, Color Scheme, or Initial Price.
  • Price Revisions – Add a standard Price Revision to selected units.
  • Premiums – Add a standard Premium to selected units.
  • Taxes – Update Sales Taxes on selected units.

3 – Check the boxes beside the Inventory units that you want to update.

a) To Override Statuses:

  • Click on Override Statuses.

  • Select the new status from the dropdown and click Ok.

b) To Assign or UnassignSales Reps:

  • Click on Sales Reps.

  • Select Assign or Unassign as needed and check the boxes beside the appropriate Sales Reps.

c) To Delete:

  • Click on Delete.

  • Click Ok to Delete the selected inventory.

d) To add Notes:

  • Click on Notes.

  • Enter the information in the space provided and click Ok.

e) To add or edit Basic Information:

  • Click on Basic Information.

  • Add to or change the information as needed and click Ok.


f) To add a Price Revision:

  • Click on Price Revisions.

  • Enter the amount and other information as needed in the spaces provided and click Ok.

g) To add a Premium:

  • Click on Premiums.

  • Enter the amount and other information as needed in the spaces provided and click Ok.

h) To Print Contracts:

  • Click on Print Contracts.

  • Select the appropriate contract in the dropdown and click Ok.

i) To update Taxes:

  • Click on Taxes.

  • Adjust the information as needed and click Ok.