About Availability Board

About Availability Board

Lasso’s Availability Board provides you with information on each Inventory Unit at a glance. It can be viewed in two ways - Graphical or Textual.

The Graphical view displays a box for each Inventory Unit that contains the following information:

  • Unique ID and Inventory #
  • Status
  • Floor
  • Sale Price
  • Sq Ft
  • Price per Sq Ft

As long as Floor numbers are entered for each unit, the board will show a stacked version of Units, i.e. all Floor 1 Units will be in the bottom row of the board, Floor 2 Units in the second row, and so on.

The Textual view is a list report containing the following information for each Unit:

  • Unique ID and Inventory #
  • Definition (Unit Type)
  • Plan
  • Status
  • Sale Price
  • Sales Reps
  • Purchasers

Lasso also provides you with the ability to populate your project website inventory list with current information. This is a value-add service that requires your web developer to create a program to extract the data from Lasso. Please refer to Export Unit Availability to Your Website or contact your Client Director for further information.

To Access Availability Board:

1 - Click into the Inventory Center inventoryadminicon.
2 - 2 – If applicable, click on the Component tab of the Component you want to access. 
3 - With your mouse, hover over Inventory and click on either Availability Board Graphical or Availability Board Textual.

Note: You must have an Inventory Role and Availability Board Permissions to access this area.

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