Add Contract Amendment

Add Contract Amendment

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.
2 – If applicable, click on the Component tab of the Unit you want to access.
3 – In the Inventory List, find the Unit you want to access and click on it.

4 – Click on Contract.

5 – Click on Contract Amendments.

6 – Click on Add Amendment.

7 – Enter the Amendment Number in the space provided. You have the option to also enter:

  • Amendment Name
  • Amendment Date
  • Received Date
  • Notes

Note: The only entry required when adding an Amendment is the Number. You can add any of the other information at a later date. See Edit Contract Amendment.

8 – To upload the Amendment, click on Browse to the right of Amendment File, find your file and click on it so that the file name appears in the space.

9 – Click Save.

The Amendments that you add will be listed on the Contract Amendments page. The amount of space you are using for storing documents is displayed above the list of Contract Amendments.

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