About Project Color Schemes

About Project Color Schemes

A list of Color Schemes can be created and then added as part of the information related to each Unit of Inventory. The list of Color Schemes is visible in the Color Schemes dropdown when a User accesses the Edit function in an individual Inventory Profile. Color Schemes are Component-specific so if your Project consists of separate Components, Color Schemes must be added to each.

In the initial stages of project setup in Lasso, Inventory is normally uploaded using Lasso’s Import functionality, in which case, Color Schemes in the import file will automatically populate the Color Schemes dropdown menu. However, if updates are required, the Color Schemes area allows a User to manually make changes or additions.

To Access Project Color Schemes:

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.
2 – With your mouse, hover over Project Settings and select Color Schemes in the dropdown.

This brings you to the list of Color Schemes that can be applied to individual Inventory Units.

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