About Plan Price

About Plan Price

In the Plan Type area of the Inventory Center Inventory Center, Inventory Managers can associate Plan Prices with Plan Types, if this is required. Plan Price can be used for inventory where the price of the plan is added to the initial inventory price. For example, Plan Prices can be combined with a plot of land, where the lot is purchased first (which is displayed as the Initial Price) and then the house plan (i.e. Plan Type) is decided upon by the purchaser, the value of which is displayed as the Plan Price.

The amount entered in the Plan Price field is added to the Initial Price and, along with Revisions, affects the Sale Price amount of a unit before tax. If a Plan Price has been entered for a Plan Type, it will be displayed directly underneath the Initial Price in the Inside Contract section of the Inventory Overview for each unit with that particular plan. Plan Price is also included in the Suite Summary Report.

To Access Plan Price:

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.
2 – With your mouse, hover over Project Settings and select Plan in the dropdown.

This brings you to the list of Plan Types and associated Plan Prices  (if applicable) that can be applied to individual Inventory Units.