Add Deposit Schedule

Add Deposit Schedule

Note: Adding a Deposit Schedule will remove all existing deposits. To add an additional deposit to the Deposit Schedule, please refer to Add Single Deposit.

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.

2 – If applicable, click on the Component tab of the Unit you want to access. 

3 – In the Inventory List, find the Unit you want to access and click on it.

Note: The Deposit Amount is based on the Total Sales Revenue. All Discounts and Extras must be added prior to configuring your Deposit Schedule.

6 – Complete the details, including:
a) Deposit Amount – Select a percentage or fixed amount.
b) Number of Payments – Enter the number of deposits.
c) Date 1st Deposit Due – Select the date that the first deposit is due.
d) Deposit Recurrence – Enter the frequency of the deposits. You can select a specific day of each month or choose to enter your own dates.

7 – Click Next Step.

8 – This will take you to the details of your Deposit Schedule where you can preview the deposits. Lasso calculates the total deposit and creates equal payments based on the number of payments entered. You can edit the amounts or dates in the Preview Deposits section if needed. If you chose to enter your own dates, select them as appropriate.

Note: If you have already received some or all of the deposits in the schedule, you can complete the received details here as well. Enter the Amount Received and select the Date Received, and enter Date Sent to Lawyer and notes in the Summary section if applicable.

9 – Click Save.

The deposit details will be listed on the Deposits page as well as in the Deposits section of the Inventory Profile.


a) If a deposit is due within two weeks’ time, the unit will be highlighted in orange font in the Inventory List.
b) If a deposit is overdue, the unit will be highlighted in red font.