Assign Sales Rep to Project in Inventory Center

Assign Sales Rep to Project in Inventory Center

1 – Click into the Inventory Center Inventory Center.

2 – If applicable, click on the Component tab of the Unit you want to access. 

3 – There are two ways to access the Assign Sales Rep page:
a) With your mouse, hover over Sales Rep and click on Assign Rep.

b) Click on Sales Rep and then click on Assign Rep.  

4 – Click on the dropdown beside Sales Rep. It will list the Lasso Users that are not currently Sales Reps on the Project you are logged into. Select the User that you want to assign to the Project.

5 – Enter the Project Email Address. This is the email address that will show in the From line of the email when a Sales Rep emails a Registrant from Lasso. Please ensure that the Project email address is forwarded to the User’s address (the default address that is automatically given to new Users, ie., so that all incoming and outgoing email is recorded in Registrant History.

Note: If this step is skipped, email sent from the User’s Lasso account to Registrants will come from It is important that the Registrant receiving the email is able to recognize where it is coming from. Sending from the Project email address will give the email a greater chance of being opened.

6 – Beside Phone, enter a phone number if desired.
7 – Beside Type, select the Sales Rep or Sales Manager Role.
8 – Beside Hide, select No if you want the User to be displayed in the list of Sales Reps on the Sales Center Home Page. Select Yes if you do want the User to show in the list.

9 – Click Save.

The Sales Rep will be displayed in the list on the Sales Reps page.

Sales Reps can also be assigned to a Project via Lasso’s Client Admin Center Admin. You must have a Client Administrator Role and Users Permissions to access. Please refer to Assign Roles and Projects for instruction. 

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